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Taipei NGO House

Provision of Taipei NGO House

Rental Process and Charging Standard

Multi-Functional Room 
1. Apply after confirmation of schedule by filling the application form.
2. Certificate of the Unit(legal registration certificate, people’s organizations certificate, etc.)
3. Activity Proposal(such as plan, pamphlets, and ads)
4. Apply and pay 14 days before the activity; fees and charges:

Places Conference Room Outdoors Platform Multi-Functional Room
Capacity 70 people 50 people 40 people
Time Morning Session:0830-1230; Afternoon Session1330-1730
Guarantee Fee NTD 2,000/ per application
Rental (per session, air conditioning included) NTD 1,400 NTD 1,200 NTD 1,100
Recommended Use Press conferences, seminars, lecturers, workshops, exhibitions, videos display Outdoors performances, speeches Press conferences, exhibitions, seminars, lecturers, speeches
5. The rental application shall be conducted within 7 days.
6. Photos:
Conference Room Conference Room1

Conference Room2

Conference Room3

Outdoors Platform
Outdoors Platform

Multi-Functional Room Multi-Functional Room1

Multi-Functional Room2