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The Main Entrance of Taipei NGO House

Introduction of Taipei NGO House

Taipei NGO House occupies what was originally the office of Chi-Sing Irrigation Association during the Japanese Colonial Period. After this office was moved to Shilin in the 1990s, the building was left disused for many years. Later on, it was donated to Taipei City Government, and Taipei NGO House was thus established.

Its establishment was promoted by the Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs to cater to the burgeoning activity of NGOs in Taiwan. Designed to provide a space for NGOs, public welfare entities and city government units to hold activities of a social and public welfare nature, it is aimed at enabling citizens and civic organizations to build dialogue and interaction with government offices.

It is hoped that Taipei NGO House can serve as a platform for connection with international NGOs, joining together the social power of NGOs and enabling the venue to fulfill its social function to the fullest extent.